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My journey to become an authentic personal trainer started when I decided to restart my life. Embarking on a new journey in which I allowed my passion for healthy living to flourish, I found that true balance is essential for well-being, and to this day, this balance continues to be the strong foundation upon which I build my life.

I started my career as a personal trainer where most people do, at one of those big box gym facilities. Shortly after my on-boarding process there, I realized that personal training is so much deeper than just creating workout plans to make the body move. When my clients sign up to work with me, they are signing up for a journey to align their entire life with their true desires. The initial motivation to lose weight, get toned, or learn more about healthier eating habits, is an amazing beginning that leads to something so much bigger. 

As a committed fitness professional, I pass on all the knowledge that one needs in order to make the change toward a fulfilling and healthier lifestyle. I am studying behavioral science so that I can guide my clients to overcome any negative beliefs that one may have regarding capacity or ability to succeed. I teach healthy coping mechanisms for stress to reduce the likelihood of developing stress related diseases such as headache, heart disease, obesity, and depression, to mentioned a few. My Corrective Exercise certification allows me to support clients in perfecting functional movement patterns, which prevents lower back pain, ankle twists, and knee problems. All of these different parts of wellness come together and ultimately help every client gain more energy and vitality to tackle everyday challenges with renewed vigor. 

When you finally invest time in yourself, when you make that choice to take your life into your own hands, that is when alignment with true self-care begins and sustainable change happens. Are you ready?